Meet Natalie – the Author of Sea School Stories

We are all striving for our children to be happy, kind, emotionally stable, well-rounded human beings, right?

As a Mum of two lovely boys, I recognise the value of not only teaching our children how to read, write and do multiplications, but equally how to deal with every day social and emotional issues. 

Working as a teacher in a local primary school has also highlighted the need to teach children how to cope with their emotions, to enable them to be happy and to flourish. 

Leading psychologists stress that when you teach children how to recognise their emotions and how to deal with them, you teach them the most essential skills for success and happiness in their life.

Witnessing how some children really struggle with their emotions, I decided to write these children’s books which aim to address some important life issues which children have to cope with.

Written in a fun rhyming style, the books are all based on young marine creatures who go to Sea School and experience issues which our youngsters might also come across.

The stories all have a problem which the sea creature has to overcome, and there is a message at the end which encourages the children to think about how they would deal with a similar situation if it happened to them.

The first book, Monty the Manatee, tells the tale of Monty’s first day at sea school and how he’s treated badly and bullied by some other sea pupils during his first day at sea school. But the pupils learn to not judge a book by its cover when Monty does something rather unexpected.

My latest release, Sully the Seahorse, is a gorgeous tale about a seahorse who longs to be fast like the whales and isn’t happy being who he is. But he takes a journey of self-discovery where he finds that all of us are special in our own unique way.

So come along, take a splash with me into the world of Sea School Stories! Join Monty, Sully and friends on a magical underwater adventure! 🐟🐠🐳🐬💙

I hope your children (and you!) enjoy reading my stories.  They have been written with love.

Natalie x